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Classes that I attend(ed) during my BSc Computer Science at King's College London

2020-2021Introduction to Artificial Intelligence5Planning Domain Definition Language (PDDL)
2020-2021Practical Experiences of Programming5C++ and Scala
2020-2021Robotics Group Project5Python, Ros, and Gazebo
2020-2021Internet Systems5Wireshark
2020-2021Operating Systems & Concurrency5Null
2020-2021Foundations of Computing 25Null
2020-2021Programming Language Design Paradigms5Null
2019-2020Introduction to Software engineering4Null
2019-2020Programming Practice & Applications 4Java
2019-2020Data Structures4Java
2019-2020Database Systems4MySql
2019-2020Computer Systems4Null
2019-2020Elementary Logic with Application4Null